Online leaks of Dolphins practice footage occur before their Thursday night matchup with the Bengals

The Dolphins are NOT happy that this just happened

The Dolphins are attempting the impossibility only hours before their game versus the Bengals: they are attempting to have something removed from the internet.

The Dolphins are learning the hard way that once something is online, it’s very impossible to have it taken down, which almost everyone is aware of. After some of their practice tape went online on Wednesday, the Dolphins are learning this lesson the hard way. The video was captured inside Nippert Stadium, the home of the Cincinnati Bearcats, during a team walk-through.

It was originally planned that the Dolphins wouldn’t practice in Cincinnati this week, but on Tuesday it became evident that Hurricane Ian would have a major impact on Florida. The Dolphins had to leave for Cincinnati earlier than they had intended because of the hurricane. The squad had to rush to find a practice space, which is how they came to be at Nippert.

The issue with practicing at Nippert is that it is essentially in the center of the University of Cincinnati campus, which means that students pass by it constantly. The stadium is open to the public even when practice is taking place there, therefore this presents another issue. These two issues made it simple for UC students to observe the Dolphins during practice on Wednesday.

The exercise was evidently recorded by a number of students, and the recordings were disseminated by the UC Barstool account. You may watch a brief summary of what was given in the video below.

The team was disappointed to learn that the film had leaked after seeing the tape online. The Dolphins quickly sent Barstool a letter ordering them to remove the tweets after the video was published on social media.

The Dolphins wrote in a letter, “We are attempting to have these tweets erased immediately from Twitter as this content capture was not authorized or permitted.

The irony in this situation is that Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel really became aware that students were observing and perhaps taping Miami’s practice, so he took action. For each practice play, McDaniel reportedly put 12 offensive players on the field so that viewers of the video wouldn’t fully understand what the Dolphins were doing.

Either this is a clever strategy, or the Dolphins squandered a walk-through trying to con some college students, depending on how you look at it. According to The Washington Post, the NFL looked into the matter but concluded that there had been no breach of the rules governing competition.

On Twitter, some Dolphins supporters have drawn comparisons between this and Spygate, but let’s face it: these are two quite different circumstances. In Spygate, the Patriots were fined for intentionally photographing an opponent’s sideline to try to decipher the defensive hand signals being used by the coaching staff. In this instance, some haphazard college students were out and about in a public space when they noticed the Dolphins exercising and decided to record it. The NFL came to the same judgment, as evidenced by the fact that it found no evidence of illegal competition during its quick investigation.

The Dolphins expressed their gratitude to the University of Cincinnati for allowing them to use Nippert despite the problems.

At 8:15 p.m., the Bengals and Dolphins will square off in the AFC. Amazon Prime’s ET.